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In the early days V-discs were also mined from live performances. I did 
not know that they had switched to commercial recordings.

At some point the AFRS and V-Discs both switched from live to commercial 
it would seem. I am wondering when and why. Perhaps commercial sources 
were just easier/less work to acquire?

Joe Salerno

On 2/21/2016 10:10 PM, david.diehl at hensteeth.com.invalid wrote:
> I've seen these on 12-inch 78's and 10-incl LP's as well. All commercial recordings, seems to be a successor to the V-Disc program strictly for GI consumption.
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> noticed a 12" LP Armed Forces RecordArmed Forces Information & Education Department of DefenseWright Patterson Air Force Basematrix P-10261/P-10262 series, catalog number 108-1A/1B Side 1Elvis Presley - that's Someone You Never ForgetHenry Mancini - Happy Barefoot Boy and Two for the RoadGale Garnett - The Cats I KnowAl Hirt - Big Honey and Puppet on a String Side 2Carolyn Hester - Hello You Tomorrow's and Reason to BelieveThe Cyrkle - two Rooms and We had a Good Thing GoinFrankie Valli - Can't Take my Eyes Off YouThe Trouble with Me Please provide any information you have about this series of recordsAre the tracks from commercial recordings, or were they recorded for DoD ?What years were they active?What is the relation to Patterson AFB ??Were they like the V-disc program - for broadcast, or sold to military, or available in recreation areas, or ????? Thanks!Best wishes, Thomas._______________________________________________78-L mailing list78-L at klickitat.78online.comhttp://
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