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Hi Kristjan,
Thanks for your reply.The disc is Gramophone-Record H49017/8 [1073at/1090at] (Made in Germany). Heimweh (Jungmannn)/Serenade (Gounod)Nederlandsch Instrumental Trio (violin, flute, harp - side 1; cello, flute, harp - side 2)
I found a reference in the linked article to the 'at' suffix on p. 16, which indicates that the recording is German in origin. Could that have involved a German engineer working in the Netherlands?

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According to this list...

...it looks like your recording has a Deutsche Grammophon-suffix.
As I'm sure you know the suffixes indicated the name of the recording 
engineer, and was a worldwide list, including engineers in France, 
Germany etc. But there's no mention of the at suffix there.
In WW1 the German branch of Gramophone Company was nationalized but 
continued to use Gramophone Company's suffix system, with its own letter 
combinations, but also labelled the discs Schallplatte "Grammophon" or 
even Gramophone Record.
It'd be interesting to know the title and mx number of the record you have.

On 2016-02-09 10:41, Christopher Steward wrote:
> Hallo,I have an acoustic Gramophone Co disc with matrix suffix at. Can 
> anyone tell me the origin of this - is there a source of information 
> about acoustic non-British suffixes? Thanks, Chris 
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