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I prefer that when I close my eyes, I "see/hear" the instruments in their
proper place.  In other words, if I know the cornet is in the middle, the
clarinet to its left and the trombone to the cornet's right as I would see
them on stage, that is how I want the aural image.  Rhythm would be arranged
in the back.   Unfortunately, modern recording technology has lost sight of
this concept and puts everything in a mashed up line in front, singers and
instruments all competing for one's ears.

Ron L

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What are your views on stereo placement?

Like most of you, I am part of a culture that reads from left to right, so
my ears (and eyes) are automatically drawn to the left-hand channel, where I
expect to hear the more dominant instruments (e.g trumpet, clarinet, alto
sax, vocalist etc). The exception is the leader, whatever instrument they

This is reinforced by us driving on the left in the UK.

Does driving on the right affect your perception of how the placement should

Julian Vein

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