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Julian Vein julianvein at blueyonder.co.uk.invalid
Fri Nov 6 09:04:12 PST 2015

On 06/11/15 14:07, Kristjan Saag wrote:
> Funny, none of the biographies I've found of Sidney Torch mention any
> war injury. The reason he have up the organ is explained as follows:
> while drafted into The Royal Air Force and being appointed as conductor
> of the Air Force Concert Orchestra he took the opportunity to study
> orchestration and composition, realizing that the time for cinema organs
> was over anyway.
> I'd be interested to know where you've found the information about injuries.
> Kristjan
> Biographies:
> http://www.allmusic.com/artist/sidney-torch-mn0000382463/biography
> http://www.robertfarnonsociety.org.uk/index.php/legends/sidney-torch
Actually, the cinema in Edmonton was the Regal (I saw Lionel Hampton 
there in 1956). It later become a bingo hall, then a Lidl no-frills, 
cutprice supermarket. The organ was played there on a Saturday morning 
for children. I found it rather tedious, being asked to sing "We come 
along on Saturday morning" and other junk every week before we got to 
the "real stuff". I recall seeing a film featuring Rudy Vallee, which I 
assume was "The Palm Beach Story".

      Julian Vein

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