[78-L] Organic jazz

Iñigo Cubillo ice261263 at gmail.com.invalid
Thu Nov 5 23:18:58 PST 2015

The magnificent labour of the great Sidney Torch must not be forgotten.
Prior to his great fame as orch leader and composer (Meandering, for
instance) many of us are devotees of his powerful and sometimes delicate
organ playing . Pity his recording career as an organist was so short. He
Only left a bunch of Columbias and Decca's from late 30s early 40s with his
art. All them worth their weight in gold. He played on the Gaumont or
Marble Arch cinema organs,, as also in the Royal of Edmonton and British
organs. I first knew about this by the Spanish Columbia pressings of his
British Deccas. Maybe his injuries gained as a RAF officer in 2WW made him
retire from organ playing. He got his legs injured and I guess that was
which made it difficult to him to play the organ. Probably he did not want
to play if he saw he could not do it perfectly. Just judge his art and his
strive for perfection by his orchestral arrangements and conducting.

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