[78-L] Maria Kurenko

Thomas Stern sternth at attglobal.net.invalid
Wed Sep 23 08:34:33 PDT 2015

  The recordings of MARIA KURENKO have recently caught my ear.  Some
questions relating to the available issues:


Her earliest recordings circa 1914 for Russian label ARISTOTIPIA

- any information about this label (was it part of G&T ?).  

 - Are there any reissues of any of those sides other than the Faust duet in
the 1988 VRCS Christmas album ???


COLLECTORS GUILD CG 668  Maria Kurenko sings with Orchestra

- any detailed information on the source of these recordings (the

   more EJS discography indicates some or all? are broadcasts) ???

-If anyone has RECORD COLLECTOR 42/3 (September 1997) perhaps they provide
info ??? 

 -Has anyone documented the Collectors Guild releases ???


PEARL GEMM CD 9228 reissues of Columbia and Victor recordings

  The "producers note" in the booklet ends abruptly - I think the end of the

sentence was dropped.  Anyone know what was intended ????

  "In short, an artist of the first class, and one whose"


Are there any additional reissues of her recordings on LP compilations ??

I am aware of:

   1 track in VRCS 1988 album (Aristotipia)

   1 track in VRCS 1992 (Columbia)

   1 track in COLUMBIA RECORD CLUB  GB-14  The sound of genius: legendary
recordings, 1903-1956.

   2 tracks in UORC 379 Potpourri No.6 (from 1945 broadcasts)


I am aware of her 1950's recordings for ALLEGRO(AL64), RACHMANINOFF
SOCIETY(RS2,RS5-reissued on CD VAIA 1094), LYRICHORD(LL/LLST7 23),

  -Any others ???


There is a collection of her recordings available as a "2 CD" DOWNLOAD, and
what is probably a CD-r of Gretchaninoff: Missa Oecumenica, premier
performance (26FEB1944, Boston Symphony/Koussevitzky).  Anyone know

these offerings ? comments welcome on or offline.



Best wishes, Thomas.




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