[78-L] question about inventorying a collection, part 2

Donna Halper dlh at donnahalper.com.invalid
Thu Jul 16 22:52:02 PDT 2015

First, I am still in the process of trying to inventory the collection 
of a former radio announcer and music director who had a more than 50 
year career on the air. His garage is quite chaotic and crowded at this 
point, and I still have no way to determine what condition the 78s are 
in; but what I've seen so far looks like the majority of the 78s are 
well-known songs by well-known artists on famous labels like Victor and 
Columbia. There were a few on Regal, or Diva, or Gennett, but most were 
on the bigger labels, as I mentioned.

But in the midst of all the familiar tunes, I found a few Radiex sides-- 
not sure why they were there, but evidently someone liked them at one 
time or other.  Several featured "Mr X" with Orchestra:  did anyone ever 
determine with certainty who was using the pseudonym "Mr. X"? (Was it 
Arthur Fields?)  There were several 78s featuring Ben Litchfield with 
Orchestra, as well as sides by the Cosmopolitan Dance Orchestra, the 
White Way Dance Orchestra, and the Pacific Coast Players.  I also found 
a few 78s on Brunswick (including songs by the Colonial Club Orchestra, 
Marion Harris, Irene Williams). There was one Grey Gull-- by Lenzberg's 
Riverside Orchestra with vocals by Arthur Hall.

I noted a couple of Hawaiian records on various labels, such as one on 
Victor by the Alika Hawaiian Trio.  I also noted a LOT of 
transcriptions, but they were mainly from programs by performers in 
Boston radio, with a couple from Manchester New Hampshire. Nothing 
foreign or international yet, although there were some 78s from the 
Telefunken label.  As I progress more with the inventorying, I'll update 
you-all, but it's gonna be a long, slow process.

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