[78-L] Longest wait? Slightly O/T

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Tue Jun 23 15:07:01 PDT 2015

I first heard "Hollywood Holiday" by Bebe Daniels, Ben Lyon and Skeets Gallagher played by Robert Q. Lewis c. 1951 or 1952. Finally found it in 2000. Not close to Julian's lengthy period but on the other hand, it was an original 78 that I found! (I got a transfer sent by Geoff Milne but that still wasn't owning the original.)


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> I heard Ray Anthony's version of IDAHO while in high school in 1951.  It 
> seems it was never issued on 33, only 78 and 45, and I was never able to get 
> a copy of it until it made it onto CD (not a Capitol CD either), in about 
> 1999.  I never did get it on disc.  So about 48 years.  You have me beat, 
> Julian.
> RayK
> >
> From: Julian Vein
> What's the longest anyone has waited between hearing a piece of music
> once and obtaining it on disc? In 1956 I heard Tony Scott's "Aeolian
> Drinking Song" on RCA-Victor, which had very limited reissue (hasn't
> been touched by the usual boys--Lone Hill, Fresh Sound, Jazz Factory
> etc), mainly on CD in Japan. That's 59 years! A few days ago I managed
> to get a Japanese CD reissue (not those listed in Lord 10.0), and it was
> worth the wait! It's a kind of "free-form" performance, with great Bill
> Evans on piano (before he became "precious", and God's gift to jazz piano).
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