[78-L] Question about opera singer Charlotte Lund

Marie Lamb marie.lamb at gmail.com.invalid
Wed May 6 15:25:12 PDT 2015

Ray, thank you very much!  Even though the recording is unlikely to be
found for this lady's talk in July, at least there is evidence that
Charlotte Lund made recordings.  I'll let her know.

Thanks very much--

Marie Lamb

On Wed, May 6, 2015 at 5:23 PM, Ray Kilcoyne <kil at roadrunner.com.invalid>

> A little added info on GOOD-BYE by clicking on the matrix.
> VISSI D'ARTE was on the flip side, and they were recorded in Camden, NJ.
> RayK
> >
> You probably won't have much luck tracking this recording down, but at
> least
> there is evidence that she did record.
> http://adp.library.ucsb.edu/index.php/talent/detail/12115/Lund_Charlotte_vocalist_soprano_vocal
> RayK
> >
> From: Marie Lamb
> Hi everyone--
> I've received some questions from a listener about an opera singer who was
> from the Central New York area, and who lived during the 78 era.  Perhaps
> someone here can help point her in the right direction. I found one item
> from the Brooklyn Daily Eagle via Google. The listener is already aware of
> this article, but this request is obviously something more specialized. I
> quote from her letter:
> "I am researching the life and career of (Unni) Charlotte Lund (1870-1951),
> who was a well-known operatic singer, director, and producer in New York
> City during the 1930s and 1940s. She was born and reared in Oswego, NY and
> I am going to present a talk about her in July before a local historical
> group."
> "Mme. Lund is known to have been a guest on many radio programs dealing
> with music. She liked to describe the action of the scene and explain the
> meaning of the aria she was going to sing. In the 1930s she organized and
> ran an opera company for children which was quite popular. My reason for
> writing to you is to ask if you know whether she made any recordings for
> private or public use. I would like my audience to hear her voice."
> The listener adds, "One caveat must be given. Mme. Charlotte had a first
> cousin, Unni Charlotte Lund (1866-1901), who was also well-known in musical
> circles. Born in Norway, she immigrated to the United States in 1887. She
> was a professor at Syracuse University from 1893 until her untimely and
> unexpected death from anemia on November 16, 1901. I mention her because
> even contemporary newspaper reporters had trouble differentiating between
> the two women. I wish I knew if they ever sang together. They both
> reportedly had beautiful voices."
> As mentioned, this is certainly a very specialized request, but I figured
> if anyone might know if the younger Charlotte Lund ever made any
> recordings, this list would be a place to find out.  If anyone knows
> anything about this singer, you can e-mail me, or I can give you contact
> information for the person who needs to know about Mme. Lund. Any leads
> will be appreciated.
> Thanks for whatever help you might be able to give--
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