[78-L] Manhattan Record 5701

Ray Kilcoyne kil at roadrunner.com.invalid
Sat Apr 18 08:53:10 PDT 2015

It might be Gilmore's Band.  They recorded DANCE OF THE HOURS on Columbia 
32064, released @ April 1903.
I guess Gilmore's Band continued on after the death of Patrick Gilmore in 
From: zimrec at juno.com
I have 12-inch, single-sided Manhattan Record 5701 - Dance of the Hours from 
"La Gioconda" with artist credit simply as "Band."  This is, typical of 
Manhattan, a paste on label on a Columbia  master.  I cannot find a listing 
for it, although I expected that it should have been in the database.  It is 
obviously quite early, probably pre-1910.  It is likely that the band's name 
was not credited on the original Columbia, but can anyone provide an 
approximate recording date? Art 

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