[78-L] early Columbia LP packaging ???

Thomas Stern sternth at attglobal.net.invalid
Thu Apr 16 18:13:14 PDT 2015

A while ago, I inquired about the Bruno Walter NY Philharmonic Beethoven 9th
Symphony reissue from 78's (M900) as SL056/SL156, then later issued with
newly recorded 4th movement SL186.

I've also been looking at the Kirkpatrick/Schneider Mozart Sonatas

set from MM-650, reissued in set SL 152 ML 4169/4170.


Packaging questions:


The 2 LP's in each of SL152, SL056 and SL156 each appear to be issued in
conventional LP jackets as Vol.1 and Vol.2.  Were these albums also included
in a SLIPCASE or BOX ??????  None that I've seen on the internet appear in
that form - only as separate LP's.


Were they SOLD as individual items ??  Seems strange that someone would buy
an incomplete recording.


I can't locate an image of the album cover for the Beethoven 78's, but I
thought I'd seen it, being the same as the LP sets.


The manual set SL-056 has blue background, the 78 and auto sequence SL 156
is green.


The reissue of this set with the alternate Choral 4th mvt. SL 186 has the
same green background and artwork as the original, EVEN listing the singers
from the original, BUT with text "WITH NEWLY RECORDED FINALE".   The inside
of the box lists the new singers.  Also, the additional work on 056/156 is
Brahms Song of Destiny, on 186 Beethoven's 8th symphony.


Does  anyone have a version of 186 which lists the correct singers on the
box cover ????


Best wishes, Thomas.

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