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Often, loosing ones lip is the result of a layoff from playing and
practicing at an advanced age.  As one gets older you have to keep
practicing to maintain muscle tone, elasticity and endurance and 'lip" is
all about those things.   Doc Cheatham once opined to me that the reason
Louis Armstrong did not play much as he aged was that he got too sick to
keep practicing.

Ron L

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>> Loss of hearing is surely a big ticket item as well, and that comes 
>> in various forms too.  My beloved high school choral director had 
>> been a concert tenor and toured as such after WWII (made two 78s - 
>> getting us solidly on-topic) and sometime in his late fifties he lost
tone recognition.
>> He could still hear to carry on conversations, but could not 
>> recognize music (melodies), much less sing it!  I could not grasp 
>> that problem at all when it happened to him, but now have an inkling of
what that must feel like.
>> Rodger
> I know his problem.  I suffer from it, too.  It's called APD, Audio 
> Processing Disorder.I can't recognize melodies anymore.  Hearing aids 
> don't help.  I seldom (try to) listen to my records anymore.  Age: 81. 
> Don Chichester
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My dad is in his late 80's. He was a #1 classical listener. Does not at all
anymore. Has a good sized collection of 33's and a pretty thorough knowledge
of what was and was not the best. Almost all lost now.

Lou Breese had to quit his trumpet when he got older. His daughter tells me
he "lost his lip."

Mark L. Bardenwerper, Sr.

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