[78-L] Older musicians

Kristjan Saag saag at telia.com.invalid
Fri Apr 3 14:23:03 PDT 2015

This is halfway off-topic; still I think the 78 list is where to ask the 
question, because many of the artists we deal with have had long careers 
and many of us list members have genuine knowledge of making music, not 
only listening to it.
So here's my question: do you know of any particular strategies for 
older musicians to compensate for playing/ singing techniques that are 
more difficult to use when getting older? I can think of singers who 
chose to omit certain high notes, others who find that their vibrato 
sounds more restrained and are more careful to use it, instrumentalists 
who choose alternative ways of holding the bow or playing a difficult 
passage on the piano etc. Any example would be appreciated.

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