[78-L] Question for opera collectors

Taylor Bowie bowiebks at isomedia.com.invalid
Thu Mar 19 12:56:54 PDT 2015

My collection focuses on dance bands of the 1922 - 40 era but I have many 
other kinds of 78s as well.

Last year I purchased the complete Aida (my fave opera) on 18  lovely 12" 
blue wax Columbias...by The Milan Symphony and various singers,  none of 
whom I knew by name.

Couple of questions:

1.   Were these issued in an album,  as was the case with most such 
classical record sets?

2.    When were they recorded?

3.    What was the original issue?  I'm assuming it was first issued in 
Europe but that's just a guess.

Thanks for any info.  BTW the records are all sweet and shiny copies,  at 
least E+.

Taylor B.

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> I'm a young opera record collector. There are not many of us. I met a few
> 78 collectors through my interest in jazz but none that collects early
> opera. I'm approaching 25 years old and I have been collecting 78s since I
> was 8, so we do exist and I hope more people my age will discover the 
> vocal
> gems of the golden era of opera.
> On Mar 19, 2015 2:58 PM, "OKIN EARL" <spats47 at ntlworld.com.invalid> wrote:
>> The reasons that I wanted to know if there were any operatic collectors 
>> out
>> there were twofold.
>> (1) I have 300 duplicates which I need to sell to make some SPACE!!!
>> Please contact me at
>> spats47 at ntlwotld.com
>> for the link.
>> (2) As I approach 70yo, I'm wondering if there are any YOUNG operatic 
>> 78rpm
>> collectors out there whom I might befriend and, when the sad day arrives, 
>> I
>> can leave my collection to...
>> Any suggestions?
>> Earl Okin.
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>> > My wife and I are opera lovers.  I believe there are a lot of us opera
>> > lovers out here, we just don't talk much.  Its getting much harder to
>> find
>> > mint condition 78s, but to me it is easier for opera disks, it seems 
>> > they
>> > were played less, or borrowed from libraries less.
>> >
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