[78-L] Are There Still Operatic 78rpm Collectors?

Stewart, Joseph R RandyStewart at MissouriState.edu.invalid
Mon Mar 16 12:20:38 PDT 2015

Rodger Holtin wrote: 
It would seem, looking at the current Nauction # 57, that there are still
quite a number of folks who collect operatic 78s.  The cover item is exactly
that, and the minimum bid is about what I paid for my house.  No idea if
that's the all-time high for a minimum bid or not, but apparently folks who
didn't choke on a record for $7.00 in 1907 are still not choking on records
for $25 grand today.  And there's 20+ more pages of more of the same kind of

That reminds me: I need to get my bids in for #57... and yes,they'll probably all be for operatic discs... and no, 
I WILL NOT be bidding on the Anna von Bahr-Mildenburg.  It costs as much as our car (and we still have three 
years of payments on that)!

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