[78-L] overmodulated CDs

Rodger Holtin rjh334578 at gmail.com.invalid
Sat Mar 7 18:31:07 PST 2015

Been using Media Player Version 11.0.5721.5280 for years as my main CD
burner.  Last year sometime I started noticing a track or two would be
rather over modulated, burn again and would be OK, but maybe a different
track would be affected, sometimes not.  Grrrr.  Reinstalled MP11 last fall,
worked great for a few months and this morning it over modulated the whole
d... disc.  Used same files and burned with iTunes and they sound great, but
iTunes shuffled my playlist order.  Neither is an acceptable situation.

Any ideas on fixing MP11?

Any ideas on making iTunes treat my playlist as sacred?




For best results use Victor Needles


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