[78-L] uploading 78s to youtube: about 600 so far

Robert Godridge rgodridge1 at gmail.com.invalid
Thu Mar 5 01:40:45 PST 2015

Well, I'm putting a few newly ripped records up now, and these do have
label and date information. I'm really sorry and annoyed that the
others don't, but you learn from your mistakes! I'd recorded them
years ago only for me and they are somewhere among 10 thousand

I understood what you meant, David, and I agree, it's just that
youtube is so popular and people use it. I don't know of an equally
popular music sharing service, it is ironic though using a video
sharing thing for old 78s.

On 3/5/15, David Breneman <dbreneman at t-online.de.invalid> wrote:
> It was interesting reading the responses here.  I hope it was
> obvious that I was questioning putting audio files on a *video*
> site, not whether there's a legitimate reason to share audio
> files at all.  As for me, I've produced exactly ONE YouTube
> video in my life, and it's here:
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?&v=k3w53hNmSjk
> Yes, it is 78 related, and it peaked at #65 in popularity 36
> hours after it was posted.  I'm still waiting for my Emmy. :-)
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