[78-L] mail to Stephanie

Joe Salerno jsalerno at collector.org.invalid
Wed Feb 25 16:30:07 PST 2015


This bounced to your yahoo account, so I am re-sending to the list. Hope 
you get it. ---- js

I was able to listen to the MP3 files Stephanie, just haven't responded 
yet. Thanks for posting on the web site. It was nice to see the family 
together, all 3 generations. I assume that young person is your daughter.

To the recordings, nicely done. I listened all the way thru, and mainly 
to the performance. So the transfer was successful, in my book, in that 
I was not distracted by it. There have been times when I listen to a 
transfer more than a performance, which is less good, assuming I am 
interested in the music at all, which I am in this case. The hum was a 
little annoying, do you have a filter for that? You also mentioned 
repairing the gaps at the side breaks. That will be a challenge, but it 
can also be fun, especially if you are successful.

Sounds like the lacquers were in decent condition and on-center.

I am curious why you think the sound is better from the laptop speakers. 
I assume you mean internal speakers and not an external speaker system. 
Is it because there is something you would like to filter?

The good news is that you can experiment with DSP and EQ all you want, 
now that the basic transfer is complete.

Can you edit in spectral view? A lot more info is displayed.

Joe Salerno

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