[78-L] Wandering Minstrel on Masterpiece

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The University of California at Santa Barbara Library has in its collection a 78 rpm disc on the Masterpiece label, catalogue number 8550, credited to "Tit-Willow, baritone; and orchestra," with "A Wandering Minstrel I" and "The Sun Whose Rays" on it. Maybe that's the record you're remembering.
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I don't often get stumped, but this one has me so. When I was a kid I had a green label Masterpiece 78 -- supposedly of Musicraft make -- of some, uncredited somebody singing "A Wan'dring Minstrel I" from The Mikado, probably titled "Wandering Minstrel" on the label. But I cannot find it in any listing or discography. Kenny Baker is supposed to have made a record of it in 1939 that was released on Victor. Perhaps it was this version? And has anyone here encountered such a record? Thanks,

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