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Not to diminish the product Kurt sells, but I would never use those sleeves for 
lacquer discs. Soft paper sleeves like those sold as inner sleeves are better, 
and THOSE can be used inside Kurt's harder sleeves. No chance to trap grit. 
Don't use plastic sleeves for lacquers.

Your ears are the ultimate judge of what EQ to apply. These recordings could 
have been made with a good mike or a lousy one.


On 2/13/2015 11:08 AM, Joe Salerno wrote:
> Stephanie,
> I'm guessing NAB curve for playback. 500 Hz turnover freq at the low
> end, and 12 dB/octave for the high, but let your ears guide you also.
> Condition of the record counts. Do you have the capability of selecting
> the load for the cartridge input? 47k ohms is typical. Adjusting this
> would also affect the high end.
> Be aware that your speakers are probably not flat, but as a "reference"
> they are what you are accustomed to. Using headphones has the advantage
> of eliminating room acoustics, which change depending on what room you
> are listening in. Headphones are not flat or neutral either. Many have
> exaggerated low ends to appeal to a certain segment of the market who
> judge the headphone's quality by how much bass is present. Bass in this
> case may mean the high end of the lower portion of the spectrum, which
> is more "boom" than "bass".
> For storage of precious records I prefer the Nauck sleeves placed in a
> hard box for physical protection. A closed box also prevents dust
> accumulation. Albums are open (the ones like books, not the ones that
> LPs came in - I assume you mean book style?). Typically the sleeves are
> large enough that a record can slide around within, and if someone opens
> the thing or closes it and a record has shifted, breakage may occur
> (with shellac records). Less of a problem with a metal based lacquer,
> but then it an extreme case the record can be warped. Seems unlikely the
> way you are going to treat them. But I prefer a box anyway, stress free.
> Store upright.
> If these lacquers had white build up on them, it will come back. It is
> caused by chemical breakdown of the coating. Nothing anyone can do about
> it. Don't store in the freezer.
> As far as the school having copies, maybe not. These records may have
> been made by an individual or a company providing recording services to
> students. Students typically didn't have extra money or incentive to
> make copies for the library (expensive in the day), assuming the library
> would even want them.
> But I would like to hear what you have accomplished! (hint hint)
> Joe Salerno
> On 2/13/2015 8:11 AM, Stephanie Gaynor wrote:
>> I am hoping for a little help. I am all setup.  The records are in excellent condition and I played/recorded them and my 2.5ET Shure SC35 was the winner as predicted.  I cleaned the records and will be doing a second recording today hopefully getting the levels right.  I fooled a little with the eq and I am not sure where to go with this.  RIAA seemed good.  I was puzzled why the playback got so much with louder with the turnover set to 1000hz.
>> The label says Reeves Soundcraft "Audition" "Full Spectrum" -- 12" 78rpm discs -- any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
>> http://tinyurl.com/lh7wpnp
>> It is harder to work on site with only headphones.  My speakers at home are my reference point I am missing.
>> And as David expected, it was harder than I thought to get everything shipped but my mom is getting a kick out of seeing the setup and how much I love doing this sort of thing.
>> Another question I have is what is the best way to store the records now that they have been cleaned (Disc Doctor Fluids Brushes)?  She has kept them in a album emptied of its commercial classical discs.  I don't imagine these were acid free but it has kept them safe all these years.  I could order the nice 12" sleeves from Nauck but those don't offer the protection of the album etc.
>> thanks in advance!  Stephanie
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>> Thanks David and Joe for your helpful advice and cautions.  It will be a fun project to work on while I am visiting my family next month.  Any gear I ship will be replaceable where this record is not.  I checked in with the University of Miami Archives and Music Library and they don't have any recital recordings from this time. Perhaps someone from the music department set up these recordings just to for the students.  I thought there was a good chance the University would also have a copy.  Oh well.
>> I will keep you posted.
>> all my best, Stephanie
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>> I'd be more afraid of transporting equipment than the record.
>> Joe Salerno
>> On 1/12/2015 9:45 AM, David Lennick wrote:
>>> Also, if it's 1950, the discs will be aluminum and as long as they're carefully
>>> packed with a few layers of corrugated cardboard, they can be safely shipped.
>>> Much easier than transporting your own equipment. (I've done that. Not much fun.)
>>> dl
>>> On 1/12/2015 10:39 AM, DAVID BURNHAM wrote:
>>>> You'll be able to tell as soon as you see it what speed it is, (if the whole "Symphonic Variations" is one one side or even two sides it's probably 33 1/3 rpm, the piece is around 17 minutes long). Â As far as the stylus goes, as David Lennick says 2.5 mil is good if it's on 78s but try a 2 mil if it's 33 1/3. Â C.B.C. always cut their 33 1/3 discs with a 2 mil stylus in those days.
>>>> Have fun with this, I'm sure the family will be thrilled when they hear it!
>>>> db
>>>>           On Monday, January 12, 2015 10:14 AM, Stephanie Gaynor<steph_gaynor at yahoo.com.invalid>   wrote:
>>>> Hi, I am hoping to get a couple pointers regarding stylus size/s to try with this sort of record.  It is a recording of my mom's college senior recital from the University of Miami (April 1950).  I will be visiting her next month and hope to digitize it for our family.  Because it is precious and I fear damaging it by shipping it or bringing back with me, I will be shipping my equipment from MA to FL and do the transfer there.  I am trying to learn as much as possible about this type of record before I go.  I do have a variety of cartridges and stylus sizes and am just curious if anyone here has experience with this type of record and any recommendations for me.  Unfortunately, my mom is not tech savvy enough to email me a picture of the record but she relayed that is labeled
>>>> Soundcraft
>>>> Reeves NY"Audition"Full Spectrum
>>>> I believe there are 2 12" records.  I don't know if they are 33 or 78.  She recalls that the records were professionally done.  I think she is performing Franck's Symphonic Variations.  My mom mentioned that she remembers the sound quality not being great and that jives with what I have read searching posts here but I know she will enjoy hearing it again at any rate.  I also am in the process of getting in touch with the UM Libraries and archives to see if they also might have either a copy of this record or a tape of the recital which I could access if needed.
>>>> thanks in advance for any advice you can give me,Â
>>>> all my best, Stephanie Gaynor
>>>> Â
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