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One thing I should say about "High Fidelity", in the "Hi-Fi" era, (early middle '50s), there were thrown around two criteria that equipment had to have in order to be referred to as "High-Fidelity", it had to have two tone controls, (bass and treble), and there had to be multiple drivers, (woofers and tweeters, and sometimes mid-range speakers called "squakers").  Both of these descriptions became popular at that time, however I did once see a Westinghouse radio from the '40s that was powerful for its day, (using push-pull 6L6Gs in the output stage).  A large wooden upright floor model which had both bass and treble controls and multiple speakers, but it was only an AM and short wave radio.

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> Maybe at one time it did, but when everybody started throwing the term
> around to describe whatever they have to offer, no matter how bad, it
> became meaningless.
"Professional" is another such word.

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