[78-L] experimental Victor electric?

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I think you'll find that almost every step forward in audio technology has been prefaced by a step backwards - the first electrics weren't as good as the best accoustics, the first LPs not as good as the best 78s, the first stereos not as good as the best monos and the first digitals not as good as the best analogs, (especially direct to disc analogs).

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It would appear you have a rare and important record in your hands.  Let me
suggest that you write to the nice folks at DAHR and tell them of their
error.  Last spring I found a disc they showed as unissued, but I sent them
pictures of my copy and they were very nice and very appreciative of the
correction.  (Turned out the number was used for foreign and domestic issues
and they only had the domestic one shown as issued.  In rural Tennessee I
managed to score the Spanish one.  They fixed one of the pages, but I just
checked and the other one is still wrong.)  

Knowing what we've all heard/read about the Mask & Wig record on 19626 being
the first electric, I humbly suggest you owe it to the world to correct this
long-held falsehood. I believe this is a MAJOR find!  They show it as
released in May 1925 and withdrawn in 1926 and I cannot imagine it sold
anywhere near what most any dance band or Dalhart records of the day would
have sold, and since this has not ever been discussed openly by The List
before (at least I don't remember it in the last twenty years) and nobody
else seems to remember it having been noted by The Syndicate in the glory
days of Record Research (the important one in Brooklyn, not the other one in
Menomonee Falls) it has slipped under the radar for 60-90 years already.
Time to ring the bell!

Here's the link to the page where that record is listed
Near the bottom of the page is a field marked Feedback and a message: "Send
the Editors a message about this record."  There is a link there that will
take you or your email client to mail-to: victor at library.ucsb.edu 

It is regrettable that they do not list nor credit the Canadian Victor
19571, even by footnote, which was not only earlier but the only A/B
acoustic/electric comparison record in existence, but that's another problem
for another thread.  We are indebted to David Lennick for pointing this one
out years ago.

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For what it's worth, I've got a copy of Victor 19621 (Trinity Choir) and I
can confirm that both sides are *definitely* electric - and well-recorded at
that! My copy shows take 1 on both sides as well.

Bryan W.
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