[78-L] Heartaches and Decca 25000s

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So Kurt might have played the Decca as a "new" release. But the story still 
persists that it was the Bluebird he played....hmmmm.

Thanks for dating the 25000 series. Since it's all reissues, I've never been 
able to figure issue dates. The "Songs of Our Times" sets are puzzlers as well 
because they used the year for each album number, and while these were started 
early, and were appearing on World Transcriptions, I think the shellac shortage 
prevented their commercial issue till after the war.


On 1/12/2015 1:49 PM, Randy Watts wrote:
> According to Billboard, Decca was the first out of the gate with "Heartaches," by a wide margin. Their reissue (25017) turns up in that magazine's Advance Record Releases chart for December 28, 1946, along with a few other early 25000-series issues, such as Bing's "Cowboy Songs" (25000-03) and"Favorite Hawaiian Songs" (25009-13) albums, and a handful of singles by other artists.
> RCA Victor's reissue (20-2175) doesn't turn up in the Advance Record Releases chart until February 28, 1947.
> Randy
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> Oh, interesting! I got my 1947 date from an album my great-uncle had,
> called "Those Memory Years". He had two volumes of a larger series, and
> one of them had the Decca "Heartaches", which was mentioned as having
> been issued in 1947. They must have meant RE-issued. Curious omission,
> considering MCA produced this (all the material is sourced from Decca
> labels) for the Longines Symphonette Society. Then again, not so curious
> considering how ill-informed labels have been about their own holdings....
> On 1/12/2015 08:34, David Lennick wrote:
>> The Decca version was recorded in 1938 (as mentioned elsewhere). It's also at a
>> different tempo from the Bluebird, which was recorded when rumbas were the
>> thing. Both 40s pressings were reissues. Every account I've read refers to
>> Charlotte, NC disc jockey Kurt Webster playing the old Bluebird 78 on his
>> popular radio show (dance party). The Decca was likely still in print and had
>> probably been reissued as 25017 by this time, so Decca distributors might have
>> started pushing it while Victor went "Duh, we got dat one too". In fact I think
>> Decca in Canada still kept it with its original catalog number, since post-1946
>> copies are easy to find. I've never seen a Canadian pressing of 25017.
>> dl
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