[78-L] Heartaches and Decca 25000s

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According to Billboard, Decca was the first out of the gate with "Heartaches," by a wide margin. Their reissue (25017) turns up in that magazine's Advance Record Releases chart for December 28, 1946, along with a few other early 25000-series issues, such as Bing's "Cowboy Songs" (25000-03) and"Favorite Hawaiian Songs" (25009-13) albums, and a handful of singles by other artists.
RCA Victor's reissue (20-2175) doesn't turn up in the Advance Record Releases chart until February 28, 1947.

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Oh, interesting! I got my 1947 date from an album my great-uncle had, 
called "Those Memory Years". He had two volumes of a larger series, and 
one of them had the Decca "Heartaches", which was mentioned as having 
been issued in 1947. They must have meant RE-issued. Curious omission, 
considering MCA produced this (all the material is sourced from Decca 
labels) for the Longines Symphonette Society. Then again, not so curious 
considering how ill-informed labels have been about their own holdings....

On 1/12/2015 08:34, David Lennick wrote:
> The Decca version was recorded in 1938 (as mentioned elsewhere). It's also at a
> different tempo from the Bluebird, which was recorded when rumbas were the
> thing. Both 40s pressings were reissues. Every account I've read refers to
> Charlotte, NC disc jockey Kurt Webster playing the old Bluebird 78 on his
> popular radio show (dance party). The Decca was likely still in print and had
> probably been reissued as 25017 by this time, so Decca distributors might have
> started pushing it while Victor went "Duh, we got dat one too". In fact I think
> Decca in Canada still kept it with its original catalog number, since post-1946
> copies are easy to find. I've never seen a Canadian pressing of 25017.
> dl

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