[78-L] Vertical cut records

Jeffrey Lichtman jeff at swazoo.com.invalid
Sun Jan 4 18:26:41 PST 2015

These are both vertical records. Summing the channels to mono will 
eliminate the vertical component unless you invert one of the channels. 
The effect on a vertically-cut record will be to cancel the signal and 
keep the noise, which is the opposite of what you want. You can invert 
one channel in a few different ways:

- Swap the cartridge wiring on one of the channels (on many cartridges, 
swap the red and blue wires, which will invert the right channel).

- Use a turntable with a lateral/vertical switch.

- Use a pre-amp with a lateral/vertical switch.

You can also jumper the outputs of a stereo cartridge to make it produce 
a mono output. Whether it works for lateral or vertical records depends 
on how you connect the jumpers. For vertical records you would tie 
together the positive outputs for both channels (typically white and 
red), and the grounds for both channels (typically green and blue).

By the way, there are 78 cartridges that are pre-wired for mono 
playback. None of these tricks will work with this type of cartridge.

On 1/4/2015 5:31 PM, Malcolm Rockwell wrote:
> Doesn't your amp have a mono switch that sums both channels? That should
> cut out a lot of the lateral component.
> *******
> On 1/4/2015 3:23 PM, Ken Matheson wrote:
>> I acquired 2 old 78s. They look very good, nice and shiny,
>> like they have not been played. One is a Pathe, No. 22227. . .
>> Thanks
>> Ken

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