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0ER were 10" (as David has said) British mobile van recordings. 301 to 400 were made between 2 June 1938 and 18 May 1939, so 333/4 probably date from late 1938. The square indicates a Blumlein recording (whereas a triangle indicates a Westrex recording).
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Not my usual kind of stuff, but I have had the 1939 Victor 26225 of
Finlandia by Reginald Foort ("Recorded in Europe on his Giant Moller Concert
Organ)" since I was a kid and recently digitized it and have been enjoying
it again this afternoon.  It must have been quite a challenge to record in
those days.  Sounds pretty good today.  Knowing a little about him via Wiki,
it would seem this may have been made in England.  The first tip-off is the
matrix in the runout OER333 and OER334.  Also had Roman numeral II and a
square, both sides.


Anybody tell me when/where this may have been made?  Original issue?




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