[78-L] Bert Ambrose Orchestra-"She Wore a Little Jacket of Blue"

Charles Wilson charles_o_wilson at yahoo.com.invalid
Tue Dec 30 09:21:37 PST 2014

Hello everyone-
Years ago - and I mean years ago - I would watch cartoons on the old Philco.  Every now and then, a different type of cartoon would be shown.  They were made from about 20 years prior to my birth and they were known as George Pal's Puppetoons.  One of them was actually an advertisement for Philips Radio.  It consisted of 3 vignettes, the first of which was of an up-tempo dancer.  The part of the song I remembered was, "...and all the sailors knew..." even if somewhat imperfectly.
Well...It's almost 60 years later and I found the cartoon...ummm...Puppetoon...ummm...video and I know the music is from the Bert Ambrose Orchestra, "She Wore a Little Jacket of Blue" and I even know the Catalog number:
Decca 522
Should be easy, correct?  After all, it was a very famous cartoon, a very famous song, so it should be on some Compilation CD or in someone's mp3 collection or SOMETHING, yes?
There are other versions of "She Wore a Little Jacket of Blue" but, as far as I can tell, there are no complete versions of the song from the Ambrose Orchestra.  The version used in the cartoon is a shortened version!  I have found about 5 copies of Decca 522 held in various University Libraries but that's it!  YIKES!
Is there a complete Ambrose Orchestra version of this song somewhere?  Anywhere?  Thank you for your time,
Charles Wilson

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