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Tue Nov 4 17:52:54 PST 2014

Thought this would generate more comment...

CAROL BRUCE played station owner, mother
of station manager.
In one episode she sings SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME, reminding us of her long
singing career.


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There was one similarity with the one commercial station where I worked. We
were the money loser - for tax purposes - owned by a company that made too
much money. I seem to recal an episode where that and the plague of absentee
owners were the topic and that all rang true to the T.

Oh, and the knockout blonde was true, too. Seems like she was the
receptionist on the show. Ours was the cleaning lady.  When the economy
shifted and the parent company was in trouble they moved our format from MOR
to sports talk (thats when I left) and moved her into sales.  Kind of a
Hooters ploy. Dunno if it worked or not but sure seemed reasonable enough at
the time. I went into insurance.

Perhaps the lasting appeal of that program is summed up in the turkey
episode. I don't remember much else about it.

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On Nov 1, 2014, at 9:33 PM, David Lennick <dlennick at sympatico.ca.invalid>

> I thought it was a total crock. Seriously. Real radio stations were  
> crazier, even sedate beautiful music stations like CHFI. I do not  
> know why this
> series is held in such high esteem.
> dl
> On 11/1/2014 8:51 PM, Thomas Stern wrote:
>> The TV series WKRP IN CINCINATTI has recently been released on DVD.
>> Since there are some (former) DJs on the list, wondered how they  
>> regard
>> the depiction of life as a DJ at a small station in this series???
>> Thanks.
>> Thomas.
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