[78-L] New ebay record auction list

Hawthorn's Antique Audio hawthorn at thoseoldrecords.com.invalid
Tue Nov 4 14:57:34 PST 2014

Hi Everyone,

For those of you who are active on ebay, we have a new catalog of records that we plan to list on ebay in the next couple of months.  The catalog includes the approximate date the records will be listed, so you'll have a head start on all the other ebay bidders.  It's in PDF format and is only two pages long, so you can quickly look it over to see if any of the records included are on your special "want" list.  The catalog can easily be downloaded and printed by using the link at the top of the home page on my website www.thoseoldrecords.com.  As always, let me know if you have any questions.


Tom Hawthorn
Hawthorn's Antique Audio
hawthorn at thoseoldrecords.com

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