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Notice the word "invalid" after David Weiner's address.  
I am still receiving no mail from 78-L despite my valid subscription.   You 
do receive my posts.  The word "invalid" appears after my address  on the 
daily summary some of you receive.
I did receive this email from bobwiebks.  Notice that "invalid"  appears 
after his address too.
I have written to Ron Fial and received no reply.  
What is happening?
Paul Charosh
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He  also turns up as a vocalist (but apparently not as a drummer) on some 
those Benny Goodman Melotones,  e.g. "Little  Joe."


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> He was with  Vincent Lopez from around 1932 to 1939 & is on film in
> numerous  shorts and features with them.
> Dave Weiner
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>>Hello music history buffs and  scholars,
>>I have been fascinated with the talents of  the drummer Johnny Morris
>>since listening to him sing on Specht  records. Drumming in those days
>>was an important adjunct to the  music, but seldom stood alone. Johnny
>>however, was a solo  singer.
>>What is our collective knowledge of this  durable fellow? So far I have
>>Worked for Paul Specht up  to the very early 30's
>>Tony Pastor in the early 40's,  where he got his "Paradiddle Joe"  
>>Had  his own band afterwards for how long...
>>Gave drumming  lessons later
>>Died in 1979.
>>What  else do we know?
>>He had a grand nephew Joe, who  commented on a few things on the
>>internet, but so far have not  figured out how to get hold of him.
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