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Thought you might get a chuckle out of the following newsgroup message.


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> I embarked upon a new career in March of this year as a software tester.  I
> test new websites.  Sometimes I get a clear list of criteria of things it is
> supposed to do or not do, and sometimes I don't.  I have learned that the
> new generation of web creators are very increasingly fond of icons that seem
> to have some meaning to them, but are maybe not so clear to the rest of us.
> Major lesson: Look for dopey-looking icons and hover.  You will be surprised
> - well, maybe not after David's experience - at all the junk they hide
> there, including all kinds of crucial information/actions you will need.  I
> know; I find them for a living.
> I have complained about of few of these and gotten some changed, others not.
> My favorite dopey icon story goes back to the seatbelt laws.  May have been
> in All in a Day's Work in the Reader's Digest umpteen years ago.  A woman
> brought her car back to the dealer, she was in tears because her car had
> threatened her.  What!? Said the service writer.  She turned the key and
> showed him the red light of a guy wearing an ammo belt with a rifle over his
> shoulder.  That was the first thing I thought of when I saw that for the
> first time, too, only I figured it out pretty quickly.  The one in my Ford
> still looks too much like that and I chuckle at it frequently to this day.
> When she removes her seatbelt to move around in the car a little I tell my
> wife to hurry and get it re-fastened so the rifle guy won't show up.
> Happened again on today's road trip and I got home and saw this exchange.
> Made my day.  Thanks, guys.

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