[78-L] Freddie Martin or Ed Kirkeby?

Julian Vein julianvein at blueyonder.co.uk.invalid
Sun Oct 12 13:32:37 PDT 2014

On 12/10/14 16:25, Kristjan Saag wrote:
> Rust lists the May 11 1933 ARC-Brunswick recording (mx 13317-1) of "I've
> Got To Sing A Torch Song" both in "Jazz Records" and in "American Dance
> Band Discography". In JR under Freddie Martin and in ADBD under
> ARC-Brunswick Studio Bands. In both cases he mentions that one of the
> issues (on Rex 8005) uses Ed Lloyd & His Band as pseudonym.
> Mysteriously, though, under the Ed Lloyd & His Band heading in JR he
> lists the Melotone issue of the song as by Freddy (sic) Martin and the
> Rex issue as by Gene Kardos!
> Ed Lloyd, however, was also used as a pseudonym for Ed Kirkeby & His
> Orchestra and the song has now been issued on a digital album, "The
> First Torch Singers, vol 2: 1930-34" (Take Two Records) as by Ed Kirkeby
> & His Orchestra. It's also available on other digital compilations, some
> of which only credit the vocalist (Helen Rowland) or even Victor Young
> (who was the ARC-Brunswick Director of Light and Dance Music at the time).
> Does anybody have a clue whom to credit: Kirkeby or Martin? Or perhaps
> Kardos?
> Kristjan
I wish you hadn't asked this question! I have this title with the 
Rowland vocal on Rex 8018 (not 8005) as by "Ed Lloyd & His Band". Also 
on Perfect as by "Ed Lloyd and His Orchestra". Additionally, I have the 
Les Reis version on Panachord 25548 as by "Allen Burns And His 
Orchestra". Both are listed in ADBORAF as by Freddy Martin. However, 
ADBORAF is in error in attributing the vocal on 13317-1 to Reis rather 
than Rowland. There is a note at the end of the session listing in 
ADBORAF, quote: "This session has been reported as 'possibly not Freddy 
Martin, but no alternative has been offered."

My biggest puzzlement is why they would hire a male vocalist at the same 
session to sing "Remember My Forgotten Man", when Helen Rowland was 
going to record it. The only possibility I can think of is that, for 
some reason, they thought Rowland was not going to turn up, and they 
hired a male vocalist to stand in. Meanwhile, Rowland turned up, and 
having both vocalists on hand they decided to use both. There is a flaw 
in this argument, because Elmer Feldkamp was on the first title. The 
Reis versions were only issued in the UK, but that still doesn't explain 

Anyone prepared to write a thesis on ARC/Brunswick's labelling and 
pseudonyms policies?

      Julian Vein

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