[78-L] Unusual-Record hunting in London

Michael Biel mbiel at mbiel.com.invalid
Wed Oct 8 22:24:16 PDT 2014

I only found a couple of transcriptions on my trip in April but that was
at the Record Fair in Cardiff.  There is one record dealer on Portobello
on Sat under the flyway.  Perhaps Steve Ramm would know how to get in
touch with them -- they are a married couple and I have their contact
info but not with me.  

As for the BBC, ARSC/IASA did get a tour of their archive, but I have
never been able to get above the 2nd floor of Broadcasting house, even
when taking a class of my broadcasting students on a special tour we
paid for.  When the World Service was in Bush House they not only gave
us a full tour, they fed us and served my students BBC label wine!  That
is a luxury they no longer have and the world service is stuck in
Broadcasting house.  Most broadcasters are more open to giving
professionals tours -- Radio Netherlands even locked Leah, the head of
the archive and me in the sub basement.  THAT was an adventure.

Mike Biel  mbiel at mbiel.com

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On 08/10/14 05:17, David Breneman wrote:
> I'll be in London for a few days in November, and
> I'm wondering if there's any places where one might find
> esoteric recordings for sale. I'm thinking transcriptions,
> old advertising records, industrial records, etc., not the
> over-shopped "real" collectors' items. No chance of
> affording anything in that category.
> Still miffed that the BBC won't give me a "bespoke
> tour" of their radio studios and archival operation.
> The tourist tour doesn't sound very enlightening.
> Deutsche Welle is much more welcoming in that regard...
> --
> David Breneman
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I live in London but don't know any establishments that fit into your 
category, otherwise I would've been to 'em! Your best bet would be 
street secondhand markets (Portobello Road on Saturday & Club Row on 
Sunday, for example), and what we call "car boot" sales. I haven't 
really frequented these for some years. The best time to visit street 
markets is before dawn, so you would need to carry a torch with you.

Another option would be house-clearers, charity and secondhand furniture

shops--they're not selective about what they take in.

 Julian Vein
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