[78-L] problem receiving list postings (continued)

Ron L'Herault lherault at verizon.net.invalid
Wed Oct 8 14:21:44 PDT 2014

You have not been paying attention 8-).   If I understand it correctly,
several months ago, a couple big internet companies made software changes
that caused most mailing lists to have huge problems with bounced mail.
The "inval'id" or is it in'valid, is a work around to correct the problem.
It gave Ron F fits for a while and caused lots of frustration for many of
our members.

Ron L

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A friend who subscribes to the digest received the mail I sent to 78-L, but
my address is shown as _L78rpm at aol.com.invalid_
(mailto:L78rpm at aol.com.invalid) 
I've never seen "invalid" attached to an address.
My address is valid.  My outgoing mail does not come back to me.
Do any subscribers have insight into this?
Paul Charosh
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Don't know if you've had any luck getting readmitted to 78-L. 
Here's the latest digest. They're talking about you, but not much that looks
One oddity is that your address is being shown as _L78rpm at aol.com.invalid_
(mailto:L78rpm at aol.com.invalid) 

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