[78-L] Info needed: titles & artist credit for BALKAN 900

Benno Häupl goldenbough at arcor.de.invalid
Wed Oct 1 10:00:39 PDT 2014

Thanks again, Gene. 

This BALKAN # 900 remains a mystery. 
The catalog of the red label Balkan-Metropilitan-MeRe-Kaliphon-Virginia conglomerate 
lists the following labels and series (in order of appearance): 

Metropolitan 150  to 194   Greek 
Kaliphon      D-750  to D-766   Greek 
Balkan        21 to 116   Greek 
Balkan        802  to  820  Greek 
Metrolpolitan  2001 to 2026  Greek 
Kaliphon     D-700 to  D-721  Turkish  
Balkan        4001  to  4013    Turkish 
Metropolitan 3001  to  3005   Spanish Oriental 
Balkan        6001  to  6003   Spanish Oriental 
Metropolitan  7001  to 7008  Armenian 
Balkan       509   to  526   Albanian 
Balkan       812  to 814     Albanian  

Note that the last ones, Albanian Balkan 812 to 814 bear the 
same numbers as those in the Greek series "Balkan 802 to 820", 
but artists and titles are completely different, of course. 

So, this BALKAN # 900 may remain unidentified for another
couple of decades. 
Thanks anyway for all your help. 


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