[78-L] Info needed: titles & artist credit for BALKAN 900

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Hi Benno,

I recently went through selling about 180 records of mostly Greek and Turkish music with a few other types thrown in from a single collection.  All of the labels you mentioned.  No 900 series whatsoever.   Only 800 and 4000 series for the Balkans.  Sorry I don't have better news.


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Thank you, Gene!  

The red label BALKAN issues seem to come from the East Coast (NY? Boston?). 
I have their 20-page catalog with many series for Greek, Turkish, Armenian, Spanish-Ladino and Albanian music. 
They had a bunch of labels: BALKAN, METROPOLITAN, KALIPHON, VIRGINIA. 

In all those years I never found a trace of ths record (or series) BALKAN 900 in any list or on the 'net.  
And I still hope that one of our members here can help with details. 

Thanks again. 
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