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It looks like it's modeled after Tyrone Settlemier's 78 rpm discography. Hopefully he'll be as good as Ty is about making corrections, because there are more than a few errors and inaccuracies scattered through it. Someone mentioned the Phil Harris single (HMV BD 5989) that he dates to 1937, giving the recording date for Harris's 1937 Vocalion recording of "That's What I Like About the South." That HMV single is actually the British issue of Harris's 1946 RCA Victor single 20-2089, pairing a remake of "South" with "If You're Ever Down in Texas (Look Me Up)." "Texas" wasn't even published until 1946..
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It seems a huge work, and he states that it is currently in progress, 
and many data are not accurate. I believe that one of the columns at the end 
states the status of the information. The keys are there somewhere, near
the danger sign.

Nice database, and curious to see.

(He puts a version of Out Of Nowhere by Frank Sinatra as early as 1931; could be 
the publishing date of the song... will check)



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