[78-L] Info needed: titles & artist credit for BALKAN 900

Benno Häupl goldenbough at arcor.de.invalid
Mon Sep 29 13:11:02 PDT 2014

Some decades ago I bought in the U.S. a set of discs duly marked as BALKAN 900-A and 900-B: 

- the original lacquer matrices 
- the negative masters 
- the positive mothers 
- the pressing stampers  

The negative masters are dated  7-16-41.  I have never seen the finished product, the record itself. 
The music sounds "ethnic", of course, but strangely more Greek than Serbo-Croatian tambouritza.  
Maybe Macedonian?  

As far as I know, there were three different post-war BALKAN labels in the USA. 

Can our list members help with label information?  Or possibly with a copy of the record, so that 
the whole production process can be shown in an upcoming exhibition? 

Much obliged. 
Tip of the hat! 

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