[78-L] Archie Bleyer vocalist

Ray Kilcoyne kil at roadrunner.com.invalid
Mon Sep 29 04:45:33 PDT 2014

If you have copies, you have a better guess than I.  I had no luck  finding 
info on any of those sides by browsing, but here are a few of the vocalists 
he used on other sessions in the 30s....
Buddy Clark
Chick Bullock
Johnny Mercer
Durelle Alexander
and a DR? who might be Dick Roberstson.
From: Julian Vein
Can anyone identify the vocalist[s] on this session?
Archie Bleyer December 13, 1934
16469-1 Sweet Music
16470-1 A Little Angel Told Me So
16471-1 I Woke Up Too Soon
16472-1 Throwin' Stones at The Sun

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