[78-L] Smith and Dale --- Dr. Kronkheit sketch

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Two versions of the Dr. Kronkite sketch are available from Amazon's digital music service. I don't vouch for either one of them, nor for Amazon's digital downloads. Just searched and found them there.

The sketch was also on a Rhino CD compilation of comedy material that came out years ago. "The Comedy Box," or something like that. Think that version was from the Jubilee album.


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I am trying to locate a sound recording or film version of them doing this  

Does it exist in any form?  Does anyone know?

There is an LP called Smith and Dale at the Palace.  Does anyone have  it?  
Is the skit included?

Long ago, I saw them perform this skit, perhaps on the Ed Sullivan  show.

Any help offered will be appreciated.  

Paul Charosh

P.S.  Their fireman skit is up on youtube.  But their famous Dr.  Kronkheit 
skit?  I can't find it online except as partial text  transcription.

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