[78-L] Audio - Mac vs PCs - any advice?

David Breneman dbreneman at t-online.de.invalid
Wed Sep 10 21:30:47 PDT 2014

Von: rjh334578gmail <rjh334578 at gmail.com.invalid>

> My pc crapped out.  I have a som trying to convince me a Mac is the  
> way to go nowdays.  Surely some of you guys have some experience with  
> this??

So many Windows vs Mac debates seem to revolve around the
old conundrum "Hitler or Stalin - Which is your favorite dictator?"

Professionally, as someone who must carry a laptop because I
support mission-critical data center systems, which by definition
run either Unix or Linux, a Mac is better because you can get to
a Unix command line underneath all the user-friendly bullsh*t, and
that actually helps you get things done.

If you have no idea what that last paragraph means, stick
with Windows.  No sense trying to learn to drive a standard
transmission this late in life.

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