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Hello,   When Dick Wellstood was playing at a concert and staying overnight with us in November 1977, he mentioned this recording session and Lambert's abilities.      

Dick - we all know - died suddenly but I wonder if he left an archive.        I recorded much of the evening - and he did chat a little and at times reminisce.   Hmmm  - Where's that tape ?

Russ Barnes
Dorset, UK

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I see conflicting track lists for PUMPKIN 110 Classics in Stride - can
someone provide a correct list ???

Anitra's dance 

Tea for two 


I've got a feelin' I'm fallin'    ??? Don't Let It Bother You

Harlem strut 

Beautiful love/Sweet Lorraine 

People will say we're in love 

Hold your temper 

Moonlight sonata 

Save you sorrow 

I know that you know

As time goes by 

Sextet from "Lucia di Lammermoor" 


Russian lullaby          ????

There is a STORYVILLE CD which appears to contain most of the tracks from
the two Pumpkin LP's - can someone confirm they are the same, or are

these different recordings?

The copy of the Storyville CD I've seen has NO liner notes, but according to
worldcat should have notes by Dick Wellstood (also annotated the Pumpkin
lp's) - 

can anyone confirm the existence of notes on some version of the CD - scan
would be much appreciated.



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