[78-L] WNBC Recording of Jeanne O'Brien

Mark Glicksman gunsamaster at optonline.net.invalid
Fri Aug 29 08:47:34 PDT 2014

Hello I'm new to the list so please bear with me.  I picked up a large 
record collection about a week ago and while going through it discovered 
two records, one of them saying WNBC Jeanne O'Brien, and then a bunch of 
songs and then another one from I believe September 3, 1950, also with 
the same artist Has anyone heard of this artist? 

The label was hand typed it has songs like Let's spend a quiet evening 
at home and Let's go to church on Sunday.

The label also says Nola recording studios.

The material of the record seems to be a typical standard homebrew 
recording records.

Does anyone have any thoughts or questions about this record.


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