[78-L] Lines length

David Breneman dbreneman at t-online.de.invalid
Thu Jul 31 17:02:14 PDT 2014

Von: Iñigo Cubillo <ice261263 at gmail.com.invalid>

> Why to have a readable message one has to cut lines manually to a given
> length, because if you write straight, the effect is like the NOTEPAD plain text 
> processor when you unclick the CUT LINES command; the lines are so long that you 
> have to pan along the screen to be able to read. 

I've been using email since the 1980s, when all terminals were
80x40 characters, so I just out of instinct hit the [RETURN] 
key at about 70 characters, so there's room for attribution
marks over several responses.  When I use Microsoft Outhouse
at work, I have to force myself NOT to hit [RETURN] because
if you do, it starts the next work with a capital letter whether
you want it to or not.  And, of course, it does not insert
attribution marks and it even TOP POSTS (don't get me
started on that!).  So the answer to your question is, as usual,
everybody had a wonderfully functioning, universal, fully rational
system of doing something until Microsoft got involved and
shot it all to hell.  elm was the last mail reader worth a damn.

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