[78-L] FW: Edison Sleeve Notes

Ron L'Herault lherault at verizon.net.invalid
Mon Jul 28 07:08:59 PDT 2014

I asked a good friend who is heavy into Edison material and here is his
Dear Mr. Bardenwerper,

Just received this inquiry from my friend. I only know of Mr. Charles
Gregory's work (Books) on the Edison Paper Labels and Discography. He has
issued in 2003 a near complete depiction of the Popular series (50001-52651)
record labels. If you don't have them, he still has copies for sale. This
set does not - to my finding - contain any of the liner notes from the
record jackets, but has the catalogue and monthly supplements with written
descriptions. Do these mirror what was put on the actual record jackets? I
don't know. He also is still collecting and has issued an addendum for this
series as well, which I have not purchased. He is also still working on the
Light Classical - Classical and Operatic series of labels, which I believe
is going to have the jacket liner notes included, because I know he wants to
include the first jacket liner notes which were put on the first DDiscs
which came in presentation boxes. I cannot say if they are going to include
any of the popular series. I know I probably have a 100 or so myself and
have sent him a couple which he needed. You may want to inquire directly
with him at;  cgregory200 at comcast.net

Leave me know how you make out.

Best Regards!

Kirk Bauer

> Just curious,
> Has anyone started an Edison Diamond Disk sleeve note database or list?
> I have a few. They do contain some interesting information. For 
> instance, I did not know that the music for "Onward Christian 
> Soldiers"
> was written by Sullivan of Gilbert and Sullivan. I would be glad to 
> make scans of them or perhaps just add the text.
> --
> Mark L. Bardenwerper, Sr.

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