[78-L] Best Cassette Machine?

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Mon Jul 28 04:27:29 PDT 2014

Perhaps if you gave more details about the content of your cassettes, 
other than being home made.

Do they contain music? Or just spoken voice?

Were they recorded on decent equipment of the day (whatever decent 
means) or on battery operated machines?

Joe Salerno

On 7/28/2014 1:31 AM, Sammy Jones wrote:
> Mike Biel was talking about cassettes and cassette machines on his radio
> show on YesterdayUSA tonight.
> It reminded me that I really need to do something about my small (but
> unique) collection of homemade cassettes.
> What is the wisdom of this group about the best machine to get?  I have a
> Tascam 122.  Is it worth it to upgrade to something?
> Sammy Jones
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