[78-L] Warning..offensive article, mainly because it's absolute BS

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The comments are from collectors including some 78-ellers, and are leaning 
toward "The writer seriously needs to be educated about racism, minstrelsy, pop 
culture" and so forth.


On 5/20/2014 4:48 PM, 78-L Mail List wrote:
> And the nature of those comments?...
> Did the FB posting have a similar heading to what is here, or something that actively invited discussion?
> If I see a heading like the one which started this thread, I tend to interpret by the language that the person who posted it has not only made their mind up, but is looking for agreement rather than debate, so I generally read and move on to other things unless I am very strongly moved to join in.
> I don't know who is active in the other group, but maybe there is a wider range of positions among them than those who usually post here, or they are more prone to discuss issues in general than the 78-L group.
> In any event, it is indeed interesting.
> PC
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> What I find interesting is that the posting of the article on this list has
> produced 2 or 3 replies. Over on Facebook (78rpm records&  cylinders fan group)
> the debate is ongoing with about 45 comments.
> dlennick
> On 5/19/2014 11:44 AM, 78-L Mail List wrote:
>> The article says: "19th century ice cream parlors played the popular minstrel songs of the day. After World War II, the advent of the automobile and the ensuing sprawl required parlors to devise a way to take their products to customers. Ice cream trucks were the solution, and a music box was installed in them as a way to announce their presence in neighborhoods. Naturally, the traditional minstrel tunes of the previous century were employed to evoke the memorable parlor experience." I don't understand what that has to do with a particular Harry Browne lyric from the 1910s. Anything?
>> Joseph Scott
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>> You won't believe what the political correctness revisionists have come up with now. This article contains offensive material. All of it in the mind of the writer. aaaaargh! http://www.npr.org/blogs/codeswitch/2014/05/11/310708342/recall-that-ice-cream-truck-song-we-have-unpleasant-news-for-you?utm_source=npr_email_a_friend&utm_medium=email&utm_content=20140518&utm_campaign=storyshare&utm_term= dlennick _______________________________________________ 78-L mailing list 78-L at klickitat.78online.com http://klickitat.78online.com/mailman/listinfo/78-l
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