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Tue May 6 20:12:16 PDT 2014

That's exactly the link I need..thanks. I used to be able to get it through
Google but couldn't this time.


On 5/6/2014 8:19 PM, Han wrote:
> Rarely used it, but there is info and label scans, hidden in an unpleasant way.
> Libraries never were able to list a record userfriendly in a database.
> When I go tho www.dismarc.org I get a welcome page with a search panel.
> Below panel I click Advanced Search.
> http://www.dismarc.org/index.php?form=search&db=0
> By surprise I saw an interesting Kristal label (College Swing by Klaas van Beeck),
> but was unable to find it with "search" since it was described as Kristall....
> When I put Odeon in the 1st box, and for ex. select -Record label in the next one,
> there come 7539 descriptions.
> At a panel at bottom I can go to later pages and see label scans everywhere,
> but then ...?
> A full description of a single item will give info.
> han enderman
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> How do you get into Dismarc's discographical pages? I used to be able to hit
> "search" but now I seem to need a membership just to enter the site.
> David Lennick
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