[78-L] Facebook for 78'ers, was Re: Sirius/XM cancels 40s channel

David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca
Sat Apr 5 07:13:44 PDT 2014

I pointed out the advantages of being able to post audio and images even before 
Dr. Mike did. I'm in total agreement about the advantages, new contacts and 
much more shared information and activity. The noise is minimal. I don't join 
more groups because I'm seeing enough as it is, with the notifications (which 
as has been noted, can be cut off).


On 4/5/2014 10:03 AM, Cary Ginell wrote:
> There's also discussiong groups for Black&  White Hillbilly&  Blues Records, the Antique Phonograph Society, the Ragtimers Club, Hot Jazz Records (1917-1931), one devoted to the Paul Oliver Collection, and many others that I don't have time for. But the "noise" on these groups' sites is kept to a strict minimum and I've made many useful contacts through them. As Mike says, the chief advantage is being able to post images and share audio/video clips. There's also an ARSC page, I might add. I'm finding that I'm spending 95% of my time on Facebook and only 5% on 78-L these days. Even that Kanadian Kurmudgeon Lennick has joined a few.
> Cary Ginell
> On Apr 5, 2014, at 4:00 AM, Michael Biel<mbiel at mbiel.com>  wrote:
>> If you want to keep contact with a conversation your best bet is to
>> "like" it.  It sounds stupid but if you click "like" it gets referred
>> into your timeline activities and you can search for it there.  When a
>> comment is made to a thread it pops up to the top even if it is old.
>> The group administrators can pin a discussion to the top if it is
>> important.  You can copy and paste a discussion into your email,
>> although that might not get it back for everyone if you wish to resume,
>> but at least it no can be found by your email search function. Plus it
>> won't disappear if the poster deletes it or leaves facebook. I suppose
>> an administrator could archive the page that way.  Group pages work
>> differently from those of individuals.
>> Some of the Groups I am in:
>> 78 rpm records&  cylinders fan group is usually the most interesting
>> Records before 1945 (cylinder, 78's Diamond Discs etc.)  is fairly new.
>> Shellacrecords 78rpm  has some interesting europeans.
>> 78 rpm Jazz and Blues Record Collectors  harbors some knowledgeable
>> people.
>> 78 RPM Sell&  Trade   78-C with pictures
>> Vitaphone Project  Keep up with Ron Hutchinson and Vince Giordano here
>> Mike Biel  mbiel at mbiel.com
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>> From: "Ron L'Herault"<lherault at verizon.net>
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>> Oh, God!!! NOOOOO!! Some members of the Dixieland Jazz mailing list
>> thought
>> it would be great to start a facebook page now the group is fragmented.
>> Many of us don't like FB or don't belong to it. I do belong but find any
>> discussion on FB to be impossible. You can't follow threads, other
>> things
>> seem to intervene. It's a toy approach -OOO, look at the neat picture of
>> this. Look Look. It sucks up time and you don't get more or better
>> information, and if you have to try to find a message that is more than
>> a
>> few hours old, forget it.
>> Ron L
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>> Lots of holdouts to Facebook but that's also where much of 78-L's
>> membership
>> has migrated. There are a few groups devoted to 78s, plus the ability to
>> post pictures and (legal) music links.
>> 78 rpm records&  cylinders fan group
>> Shellacrecords 78rpm
>> Classical Music&  Opera (1877-1950)
>> dl______

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