[78-L] Info wanted GENERAL Records G-10 Belgian Congo Denis-Roosevelt Expedition

Thomas Stern sternth at attglobal.net
Tue Apr 1 19:18:58 PDT 2014

Can anyone supply information on GENERAL G-10 ??
I've seen references to it, dated 1937, and seen an offer for a booklet which would have
accompanied the album, but haven't found the album/discs catalogued in any sources to which I have access.

Was the GENERAL set actually issued?
Can you supply the matrix nos., catalog numbers and label information ??

There is a 6 record 78rpm set issued by REEVES SOUND,
and catalog entries listing mx.R-940 through R-987 (this would be 24 sides!!!!)
for the Belgian Congo recordings (articles indicate the discs are dubs of the soundtrack from film).

Did the REEVES issue actually cover 24 sides - in how many albums - anyone have detailed contents listing
(or is the matrix number range a typo...??. is this simply a reissue of G-10 or an issue of the
recordings if GENERAL failed to release the set ??????????????)

What was the relation of GENERAL and REEVES issues ??  dates ??

COMMODORE issued an LP of recordings from the Denis-Roosevelt Expedition (1934-35)  DL 30,005
The same material was again issued by MAINSTREAM S/6021

Since COMMODORE owned the GENERAL masters, it is likely that their LP would be a reissue of the G-10.

all insights and info welcome - Thanks!
Best wishes, Thomas.

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